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Shante Al Balushi


The experience and results of my achievements are derived from old fashioned hardwork and my want to help. My knowledge of the industry ranges from hospitality through to military and is as diverse as it is surprising. I adapt easily and multi-task resourcefully. Faith in my self accomplishments is the driving force behind all I have succeeded in. This faith in self has also inspired me to make a difference to those less fortunate than us. Giving is a part of my life that I thrive on. I believe that my multi-faceted business approach keeps me engaged and gives me the competititive edge I need succeed at fulfilling all my commitments. Matching the expectations of my clients is my utmost priority and as a visionary, a forward thinking attitude together with our clients will allow us to grow any conceivable concept

Nicholas Antman



I am a dedicated and energetic entrepreneur. Whatever I happen to lack in experience I make up in passion and resourcefulness. I specialize in the growing of startups. My enthusiasm is rewarded on seeing startups go from infancy to a company abuzz with beaming employees and content employers. I have a constant drive to accomplish all that I set my mind to and I attribute this to my heartfelt commitment to all that I envision. To err is human, and I believe that any errors along the way teach us to become better and more robust at accomplishing our goals. A disciplined military background together with a diverse and ‘outside of the box’ problem solving mentality allow me to complete any project and overcome all challenges faced. .

Lincoln Thomas

I have gained a fundamental understanding of the concepts of IT with regards to user education, service delivery & the technical expertise involved in running a site. I bring with me IT experience in Enterprise, ICT and 3rd Line Support, Software Quality Analysis and Network Security while all being customer focused both internally and externally. I am familiar with delivering under pressure as Service Level Agreements dictate. Solving multiple I.T issues or user problems on a daily basis whilst still obeying all safety regulations and procedures in place. I am definitely motivated in a team environment but work equally well on my own. I have been a part of an Information Security Council and have managed an operations department. In this sense I simply believe that every challenge faced is simply part of a learning curve for future reference and should therefore be embraced.


We are very pleased and 100% satisfied with the service delivery provided by our business partner Brilliant team. The team has a clear understanding of our needs, good knowledge of our industry sector and through excellent contacts and networking is able to provide us with high level technical people with the niche skills and experience that we need to drive our business forward.


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