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Business Consulting Services

The critical area of any business or startup is their marketing, competitive edge, business strategy and leverage. Issues can always be divided into macro and micro forms. Our problem solving is dynamic as our analysis is done integratively. Problems and opportunities are normally inter-related and our ability to analyse these problems enable us to direct business owners to take more appropriate actions and make better decisions resulting in a desirable conclusion.

IT solutions and Services

Information Services should support the strategy of it's business and not restrain it. Technology should first and foremost adapt to the business' needs in order to enable it's growth and it's effectiveness. These needs are first assessed and the later implemented with the expansion of the business in mind.

Trading and Distribution

We have a wide experience in the field of product distribution and trading and can assist your company with everything from registering your products, import/export and helping your company find new highs in sales and business expansion.

Legal Audit Services

Brilliant S Trading has a strong legal team at our disposal. We will provide you with both legal and audit services, and solutions depending on your unique business goals. Legal matters are handled both effectively and efficiently with the utmost confidentiality as is expected.


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We are a versatile UAE based company that caters for and assists individuals or business'​ with regards to getting their startups​ off the ground within the UAE. We provide solutions for every aspect of growing a startup from birth to eventual maturity. We have wide experience in business startups and consulting and abide by a strict Swedish work ethic in that all projects and deadlines are always delivered efficiently and in a timeous manner.


Business Startup Services, Bank Services, Business Planning, Private Registration, Web Design, Graphic Design, ICT Solutions, IT Security, Digital Marketing, Network Facilitation, PRO Services, and Import/ Export.


The team has provided a very professional service which I would recommend to others. They are professional, knowledgeable and they have also been very helpful in guiding me on my business setup.




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